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10 Best Honeymoon Destinations In World

Here are the Top Ten Honeymoon Destinations In The World

  1. Crete
  2. Santorini
  3. Kauai
  4. Maldives
  5. Bora Bora
  6. Niagra Falls, Ontario Canada
  7. Nice France
  8. South Africa
  9. Turks and Caicos
  10. Napa, California
Best Honeymoon Destinations

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Honeymoon among the ancient gods by taking yours in Crete where you can explore many of the ancient ruins and towns. You can walk hand in hand along the shores of the Mediterranean Sea or sun bath on many of the isolated beaches. Grab some of the best cheese in the world to pair with your wine as you watch the sun go down. You can also explore the mountains or enjoy the olive fields. You should definitely book at one of the many super private, adult only luxury resorts to ensure you have the most romantic experience ever.

Romantic Crete

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