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10 Best Places To Have Sex

Here are the Top Ten Places to Have Sex

  1. In a tent 
  2. At the Park
  3. In the Woods
  4. In a Pool or Body of Water
  5. In a Car
  6. Sauna
  7. On the Beach
  8. In the Middle of a Field
  9. On a Mountain Overlooking a Lake
  10. Under a Waterfall

In a Tent

Get close to nature as you get close to each other. Find yourself a nice but secluded camping site where you can set you your tent. Want to ensure some comfort instead of just the hard ground, then bring a good amount of sleeping bags so that you can layer yourself a nice comfortable bed. You can also bring along a blow up mattress or a even a cot. Get yourself in the mood by bringing along some wine with some plastic wine glasses. You can even enjoy each others company outside the tent gently holding each other, cuddling as you sip your wine. Do not forget to bring some flameless candles (do not use real candles in a tent) that you can put in your tent to really increase the romance.