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Green Turtle Cay Bahamas Romance Guide

Are you planning on traveling to Green Turtle Cay for a wonderful romantic interlude with that special person? Maybe you are headed off on a honeymoon to experience pure bliss with your significant other. You want this trip to be on of the most romantic experiences ever, don’t you? Well put these fantastic tips below to help you plan the most romantic vacation to Green Turtle Cay that is beyond your lover’s wildest dreams. Check out this article on tips on what to bring to create the most romantic rendezvous imaginable. Also before you depart, try this florist website and see if you can have some flowers delivered to your room prior to your arrival to help create that romantic ambiance that will make your partners heart throb with desire. If this does not work, you can the hotel concierge and see if they can get you some beautiful flowers.

Best Honeymoon Destinations

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Romantic Packing Recommendations

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  1. Flame Less Tea Lights
  2. Beach Blanket 
  3. Unbreakable Wine Glasses
  4. Unbreakable Wine Pitcher
  5. Foldable Picnic Basket

Visualize for a moment, the extremely passionate and erotic weekend that you will share with your sweetheart. Imagine yourself arriving at this  beautiful Caribbean island and then heading to the Green Turtle Club and Marina where you will spend the next few days in total bliss and passionate embrace. Try and book the Superior Deluxe Club Room or the Superior Suite Club Room for the ultimate room experience.  Now you will need to spend a little bit of time preparing for the amazing intimate weekend that you both will remember for years to come.  First, stop by the concierge and have them set up some champagne in an ice bucket to be delivered to your room later in the evening. Also have a massage scheduled for the afternoon on Saturday. Then head to the hotel’s Chandlery & Grog Shoppe to get items like cheese and wine to create late night romantic interludes and fruit and juices to create romantic breakfasts in bed.

Once you have your supplies on hand, get your rented golf cart and head to New Plymouth for some more supplies plus some additional shopping for gifts and souvenirs. Shopping can be romantic especially if you walk hand in hand and occasionally sneak seductive looks into each others eyes as you browse the quaint shops in alluring little town on the island. One place to wander into is Momo’s Suga’ Shack for some pastries, donuts and other sweets for your sweet heart for breakfast in bed. One thing to look for is a couple of conch shells that you can use to create some romantic props that match the Caribbean atmosphere of the island. You can put some flowers in them or even some flame less candles as well for some really awesome decorations to add to that seductive mood in your room or as part of a romantic meal on the beach.

When you have showered and are ready for dinner, stroll over to the hotel’s Dollar Bar. Sip on one of their famed Tipsy Turtle Rum Punches prior to dinner while you gaze into your lover’s eyes and whisper sweet nothings. When you are ready for dinner, head to the hotel’s Club Restaurant where you can indulge in a delicious candlelight dinner overlooking the ocean. If you prefer not to be outside, dine inside their dining room which will not overlook the ocean but will still be very romantic with plenty of candle light as well.

After dinner, grab a bottle of wine and some unbreakable wine glasses and take a stroll on the beach, sit by the pool or even surrender into the comfort of a hammock. You can kiss and frolic as the gentle breeze from the ocean surrounds you both in a gentle caress. When you are ready, head up stairs for that bottle of champagne and maybe some fruit, cheese or even some sweet desserts exploding with primal flavors and sweetness before intertwining in a passionate and loving embrace.

If you get up early enough, pack yourself a breakfast and head out to Bita Bay Beach, Ocean Beach or Gillian Beach to enjoy an intimate sunrise which is sure to unleash her inner lust for romance and her never ending attraction to you. Bring a beach blanket and enjoy some delicious food and drink to enjoy as the sun rises. Hold each other close as you watch the sun become unleashed from its nightly restraints.

After breakfast, you can grab a paddle board and paddle your lover around the island and enjoy each others company and the sights of the island from the water. You could also set up a scuba dive or snorkeling tour as well. After lunch, head over and enjoy a massage to help you relax and to help you enjoy yourselves later on the evening.

For dinner head to Pineapples Bar and Grill to enjoy a sensational sunset and a couple of drinks. After the sun sets head back to hotel for an irresistible dinner or explore one of the other local restaurants for a divine meal. Again after dinner, maybe check out some of the local nightlife or just stroll on the beach to help build the excitement leading to naughty escapades later in the evening. When you are feeling frisky, head back to the privacy of your room and set up a romantic bath for the two of you with wine or champagne and dessert to cure your lover’s erotic hunger. Hold each other tight and let your passion and lust build as you soak together in the bath.

Come Sunday morning, prepare a delicious breakfast in bed to help satisfy your lover cravings. Who knows, maybe you will just stay in bed all day and be naughty. Use some of the supplies you picked up the first day. Danishes, donuts, fresh fruit, fruit juices and muffins are good choices. If you can find chocolate covered strawberries, these are good as well. You could also get some champagne and orange juice to make some mimosas.

Romantic Breakfast In Bed

Romantic Breakfast In Bed

If you do wander out, it might be a great day to soak up some rays. Pack yourself a picnic lunch and head to one of the many beaches on the island or be adventurous and explore them all. Another option would be to grab that picnic lunch and rent a boat and spend your day exploring the island or other islands from the water. One note, do not forget the sunscreen or romantic vacation may become painful.

For dinner tonight, head to Sundowner’s  and enjoy the exhilarating sunset from this local bar and grill and then enjoy the night together where ever it may lead. Imagine the possibilities.


Romantic Hotels

  1. Bluff House Beach Resort and Marina – Featuring Luxury Suites – 242-365-4247
  2. Green Turtle Club and Marina –  – 1-800-370-4468

Romantic Restaurants

  1. The Club Restaurant at Green Turtle Club – Yacht Club Pub for great sunsets, Candle light dinner overlooking the ocean or candle light dinners inside as well.
  2. Pineapples Bar and Grill – Go for the sunset –
  3. MoMo’s Suga’ Shack – King St. – Bakery and Desserts – +1 242-699-3880

Romantic Nightlife

  1. Sundowner’s – Great Sunsets – (242) 365-4060

Romantic Things to Do

  1. Beaches
    1. Bita Bay Beach – Sunrise
    2. Coco Bay Beach – Sunset
    3. Gilliam Bay Beach – Sunrise
    4. Ocean Beach – Snorkeling – Sunrise
    5. White Sound Beach – Near Green Turtle Club – Sunset
  2. Donnie Sawyer’s Boat Rentals – 242-365-4119
  3. Reef Rentals – Boats – 242-365-4145
  4. Sunset Boat Rentals – Black Sound – 242-365-4634