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Marathon Romance Guide – Indulge in the Keys

Want a little romance while vacationing in Marathon Florida

The problem with creating a romantic excursion to Marathon Florida is that most vacationer’s come here to fish. This town is more about drinking and fishing so romance is not given too much thought. There are only three average hotels in town and both of these do not cater to a romantic interlude. You will also find that these hotels are full of tourists. Just like the hotels in town, romantic restaurants are far and few in between with a good portion of these being dive bars (although some great food can be found here it is not what would be called romantic).

Many trips turn out like this. Visualize the last time that you went on a romantic interlude and it just didn’t quite work out the way you envisioned. You and your date did not find anything romantic to do, your meals were boring. Because of this, you never connected on that magical and sensual level.

Marathon Romantic GuideHowever, romance can be found in Marathon even if you craving it after fishing other outdoor sports. Maybe you are in town for lobster season but you would also like to create some passion with your lover as well during your trip to the keys. Well here are some tips to help you create some romantic moments with your soul mate that will be cherished for many years to come.

First let’s discuss hotels. The only decent hotel in Marathon is the Hyatt Place which is located where the old Faro Blanca used to be. The Hyatt is located at 1996 Overseas Hwy – (305) 743-1234. Although not really considered a romantic hotel, it has nice rooms, two pools an upscale restaurant and bar overlooking the Marina Pool. If this hotel is not available, you can try the Holiday Inn Express. It also is a decent hotel but at the other end of town and even less romantic. It is located at 13201 Overseas Hwy – (305) 289-0222


After you check in to your palace of pleasure for the weekend, you will want to head out and get some supplies to help create a sensuous and passionate mood throughout the weekend. A couple of places to head to are Publix, Walgreens and the Marathon Liquors and Deli (Chocolate Covered Key Lime Pie). Publix is located at 5407 Overseas Hwy – (305) 289-2920. When you are here, some items to consider getting are wine or champagne, maybe some cheese and crackers, chocolate covered strawberries and supplies for a great breakfast in bed. This is also a great place to get picnic supplies including sandwiches from the deli.

For cocktails or mixed drink supplies, head to the Walgreen’s near the airport located at 10870 Overseas Hwy – (305) 743-6929.  They are known for having some of the best prices in town for liquor.

Stop by Marathon Liquors and Deli to pick up a couple chocolate covered key lime pie slices. You can get chocolate covered strawberries anywhere but you can only get chocolate covered key lime pie in the keys. Marathon Liquors and Deli is located at 5101 Overseas Hwy – (305) 743-2299. They also have a good selection of cheese and meats to make a cheese tray or items to make put together a picnic basket for a romantic excursion. Beth’s Deli located at 11090 Overseas Hwy (305) 743-2000 is also a great place to get sandwiches and picnic supplies.

Another place to check out is Sweet Savannah‘s where you can pick up some sweets for your sweet heart that you can share right then or later in the evening. You can get ice cream treats, cupcakes, brownies and pies. A great choice is the Pina Colada Cupcake. This wonderful sweet shop is located at 11287 Overseas Hwy – 305-743-3131.

Once you get settled in on Friday, you and your lover should take in a Sunset at the bar right next to Keys Fisheries is located at 3502 Gulfview Ave – (305) 743-4353. This is a good place to grab a drink and then watch the sunset. After you enjoy the sunset, you may want to consider heading over to Barracuda Grill at 4290 Overseas Hwy – (305) 743-3314 for a wonderful dining experience. Start with Luscious Lobster Bisque and the Spicy Calamari before your main course and then for dinner may some seafood like the Yellow Fin Tuna or even a steak or Rack of Lamb (One of their specialties) if you are a meat lover.

After dinner, head back to the hotel and maybe head to the pool where you can enjoy some wine and maybe a cheese tray if you are still hungry. Another option is to head out to one of the many local bars and check out some live music as well. None are really romantic but there are plenty of places that you can sit back relax and enjoy some local music. Once you are back to your room, you can light some flameless candles, enjoy some more wine or Champagne and maybe some chocolate covered strawberries. Do not forget the whipped cream.


Start out with breakfast in bed. Learn how to make breakfast in bed. If you are staying at the Holiday in Express or the Marriott, you could also have a great breakfast by the pool and watch the sunrise. Use those supplies you purchased yesterday to create a delicious and sensual feast. Feed each other fruit as you gently gaze into each other’s eyes. Do not forget the whipped cream. Who knows, you may just stay in bed all day.

Romantic Breakfast In Bed

Romantic Breakfast In Bed

The Keys is really about fishing and water sports. If you like fishing, then this would be a great day to head out on the water and get some fishing in if the winds are calm. Another great option would be to take a snorkeling tour. There are many great reefs to explore in the Marathon area and many tour companies to choose from. If you are craving something more romantic, you can rent some kayaks and explore the mangroves floating along the waterways in solitude. You may even want to head to Publix, Marathon Deli, or Beth’s Deli and get some picnic supplies from their deli. You can pull up next to the mangroves or maybe even on a secluded shore and enjoy a great picnic lunch. Another option would be to take that picnic lunch that you packed and head to Bahia Honda Beach located at 36850 Overseas Hwy, Big Pine Key – (305) 872-2353 which is just past 7 Mile Bridge. This beach is very popular so get there early and try to find a secluded spot where you can frolic together in the sun and surf.

For dinner, head to the Lighthouse Grill at the Faro Blanco. Stop by the bar from 3 to 6 PM for the happy hour and then enjoy a great dinner in the restaurant. Try their famous Key Lime Martini and a Short Rib Taco, Lobster Mac and Cheese for the Plantain Chips for an appetizer. For dinner, try the Grilled Yellow Fin Tuna or The Lighthouse Grill does accept reservations (although not required) so you should consider picking a time and getting a reservation so you can ensure a stress-free dining experience.

After dinner, here are many options for some romance. Again it might be fun to head out and enjoy some live music. If you are here for fishing, then a night fishing trip might be in order. Here are a couple of companies that provide night fishing – Marathon Lady (11711 Overseas Hwy – (305) 743-5580) or Sweet-N-Nuf Charters (11601 Overseas Hwy – (305) 610-4778).

Again a nice relaxing evening by the pool with some wine and cheese is a great option as well. Once you head up to your room, a great sensual adventure would be bubble bath. Light some flame less candles, put them by the tub, draw a hot bath and add some bubbles. Add some wine and champagne and maybe some fruit to enjoy as you soak together If the tub is big enough soak together and gently massage each other into a relaxing sensual state. If the tub is a little too small for both of you, let your lover soak while you gently massage her to sensual bliss.

Romantic Bath

Romantic Bath With Unbreakable Carafe and Glasses


If you are only here for the weekend, unfortunately you are probably headed home today. However there is still likely time to get some more romance with your soul mate before you go. Start out with some coffee and breakfast at Leigh Ann’s Coffee House or the Key Colony Inn has brunch during different times of the year.

After breakfast, head over to Crane Point Nature center, where you can stroll hand and hand through this natural setting.

Another option for a day of fun is the Sunset Grille and Raw Bar which has Sunday Funday. This restaurant has one of the biggest pools in Marathon where you can grab some lounge chairs and relax in the sun. Also on Sundays, there many fun activities including music, corn hole tournaments, drink and food specials and fun contests. Sunday Funday starts at 1 pm but get there early to get a seat.

Sunday Funday Sunset Grill Marathon FL

Sunday Funday Sunset Grill

Other Romantic Options

Things to Do

  1. The Art Studio – 12535 Overseas Hwy – (305) 289-9013
  2. Florida Keys Sailing – Sunset Cruises – 35th Street – (305) 619-0140
  3. Sombero Beach – Open from 7:30 AM until Sunset – No Bottles
  4. Overseas Biplane Tours – Book a Sunset Tours – 305.304.0015


  1. Havana Jack’s – Sunday Night Jazz, Wednesday – Ladies Night, Saturdays Ladies Champagne Night – 401 E Ocean Dr, Key Colony Beach – (305) 743-4849


  1. Hideaway Cafe – Grab a table around sunset – 57784 Overseas Hwy – (305) 289-1554