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Secret Romantic Ideas of What to Pack For Adult Travel

To really create the ultimate getaway, a diligent lover will ensure the proper supplies are available to create the most intimate vacation possible. Romance can be enhanced by the proper utilization of food and drink, music and a romantic atmosphere. Luckily most of these supplies are small and can be carried with you to your destination. Other items can be delivered or purchased when you arrive to cut down on the clutter in your suitcase. Below is a list of go to romantic supplies that any prepared lover should bring or buy for the perfect romantic interlude while traveling.

Enhance the Experience With the Romantic Nectar

Wine is a very romantic drink. Sparkling wine and champagne can be even more romantic. Now drinking wine out of the plastic hotel cup is not very romantic so the first items that you should purchase are at least two unbreakable plastic wine glasses and two unbreakable plastic champagne glasses. These glasses are great because you can pack them and they will not break. Here are some of my favorite wine glasses and champagne glasses. They can be used to create that loving passion when you get back to the hotel at night and are ready to finish your romantic evening with your lover. They are also great to use by the pool (or the beach if alcohol is allowed) because they are plastic and will not create a safety hazard. If you plan on heading to the pool, then also get a plastic carafe so you do not have to bring the glass wine bottle. Here is one of my favorite plastic carafes.

If you are single and traveling alone, you will still want to throw a couple of these wine glasses into your suitcase because you never know who will hook up with. You can purchase your wine when you get to your destination. One note, do not leave wine in your car for an extended period of time because the heat will ruin the cork and the wine relatively quickly. This applies even if it is cold out because the sun will still heat the interior of your car. If you are traveling alone, get a nice bottle of white and one of red so that you will have one that your potential date will like. It is always good to be prepared. Here is a great place for some wine recommendations. Oh yeah, do not forget the corkscrew.

Romantic Ideas

Romantic Ideas to Enhance Your Lovemaking Sessions

Music can be the ultimate aphrodisiac will help lead you and your lover into a sexual paradise. Of course, you will need a way to play that sensual music so make sure to pack your Ipod or MP3 player along with a portable speaker or speakers. The next step will be to create some playlists of romantic music of the types of songs that help you and your lover achieve a sexual state. Create a few different types of playlists for the different paths of your romantic journey. Like one for the beach, one for dinner, on for that romantic bath or massage and one for love making. Also do not forget the pack some portable speakers as well. It is not very romantic to have to listen to your music on headphones. Check out this portable speaker. Another option is one that is waterproof and wireless. It is good for the beach, pool or even the shower.

Another must pack item that you will want to invest in are some flame less LED candles (especially the tea light kind because they are small and easy to fit in your suitcase). Candles are very romantic and sensual. Along with music, they will add immensely to your love-making sessions and help you and your lover reach a state of pure bliss. You will not be able to use real candles in a hotel room so these are a great alternative plus they are safer. If you get about 10 to 20 of these and spread them around your hotel room, you room will be transformed into a sensual pleasure pen. You will also be able to take them anywhere like maybe even the beach for a romantic late night picnic. Get your LED Tea Lights here.

Wine and cheese is another very romantic treat that you both can share. It is great for a picnic, sitting by the pool, at the beach (leave the wine home if alcohol is not allowed) or for a blissful evening in your hotel room. You will want to be able to create an awe-inspiring cheese tray for you and your lover. Besides cheese, you only need two things. A knife and a small cutting board so pack these as well. Just remember to put the knife in your checked luggage not your carry on. If you are not checking luggage, get a small knife when you arrive. Imagine for a moment nibbling on some delicious cheese and maybe each other while you share a glass of wine while you both soak in the bath tub gently holding each other close.

The last item that you should consider packing is a picnic basket so that you can create some gourmet meals and eat them at the beach or just among nature. If you are going by car, then you can use a normal picnic basket which will be more romantic. You can even get a basket that includes wine glasses. However if you are traveling by air, it is likely you will not have room for a picnic basket so look into getting a nice freezer bag that is used for transporting groceries. This is not as romantic but it can be squashed down into your luggage. A great option is an insulted collapsible cooler from SCOUT or other brand.

There are some other items that you can consider bringing if you have space and depending on what your plans are.

One item is a picnic blanket. I would get one that is also good for beach use so it can serve double duty. This item will not take up too much space but is great to give you both a place to sit or lay with out getting dirty.

The Pocket Pub is great for transporting spirits if you want to make cocktails somewhere and alcohol is allowed. It is basically a collapsible flask.

A small hand cranked coffee grinder and aeropress. If you both like coffee and are planning breakfast in bed, then these are must bring items. Coffee that is purchased ground will not have the best flavor. To get the best flavor from your coffee, you need to grind it just prior to serving. Also drip type brewers will not instill the correct flavors as well during the brewing process. A french press is a much better way to brew coffee. The Aeropress is travel sized french press. Purchase your coffee grinder and Areopress.

Sensual and Seductive Travel Items to Purchase When You Arrive

When you arrive at your destination, you will want to locate a higher end grocery store and maybe a wine shop if the grocery store does not sell wine.

  1. Napkins (Recommended Brand is Vanity Fair)
  2. Plates (Recommended Brand is Chinet)
  3. Realistic Plastic Silverware
  4. Whipped Cream
  5. Dessert Items
  6. Fruit (assorted – get what is in season because it will be cheaper)
    1. Strawberries – Highly Recommended
    2. Pineapple – Highly Recommended – Makes certain things taste better
    3. Blueberries
    4. Raspberries
  7. Chocolate Covered Strawberries if they have any (May be in the bakery section)
  8. Breakfast items
    1. Fruit
    2. Donuts
    3. Pasteries
    4. Cinnamon Buns
    5. Muffins
    6. Coffee
  9. Champagne
  10. Wine
  11. Orange Juice
  12. Sparkling Water

Learn how to make a romantic breakfast in bed while traveling.