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Ten Most Secluded Beaches For Romantic Beach Getaways

Here are the top ten most secluded beaches

  1. Barbuda
  2. Cabo Polonio is in Uruguay
  3. Cabo Pulmo, Mexico
  4. Colombier Beach – St Baths 
  5. Little Dix Bay – resort will take you to private beach and drop you off
  6. Folegandros Beaches, Greece
  7. Paradise Beach – St. Thomas, USVI
  8. Playa de Muerta Sayulita Mexico
  9. Red Sand Beach – Kaihalulu, Hawaii
  10. Tombua, Angola

Other Secluded Beaches

  1. Atins’ beach, Maranhao Brasil
  2. Hidden Beach – Puerto Vallarata Mexico

Barbuda for Romantic Beach Getaways

Just North of Antigua is a secluded island called Barbuda. This is not a high tourist destination probably because it is not that easy to get to but it has wonderful beaches without all the people. It also has a very small population as well. There are some cottages for rent. Check out the Frigate Bird Sanctuary and the Indian Cave. Check out Palm Beach which pink sands have been voted one of the most romantic beaches in the world or try Pink Beach which is usually almost always deserted. You can also stay at Coco Point Lodge which is an all inclusive resort. Another option for lodging is a placed called Light House Bay. North Beach is also a good area to explore with a relatively deserted beach. You can stay at one of the cottages along North Beach.

Cabo Polonio in Uraguay 

Another great place for romantic beach getaways is Cabo Polonio.  This area is a  7 mile walk or you may need to use 4X4 vehicles which makes it an awesome choice for a secluded beach. Probably just want to go for the day, but their are some holiday cottages along the beach although they may or may not have electricity and water. Of course no electricity means candlelight at night so you have no choice but to cuddle in the passionate glow of the flames. You can also take a bus or walk from  Cabo Polonio which is about 7 miles along the beach. Check out sea lions by the lighthouse. You can also rent some of the homes nearby the beach. This beach is definitely roughing it but if you and your lover do not mind that, it is a great place to find some seclusion.